TAYO SilverLine Shower Chair, Antibacterial


The new “TAYO SilverLine” shower stool/chair features a modular design with functional components. All variants can be easily built thanks to the simple connector system, either with or without armrests, as a chair or a stool. The hygiene cutout can be moved forwards and backwards by repositioning the backrest. The chair can be fitted with a removable seat cushion and covers for the backrest openings on the seat that are not being used.


The premium model with SilverLine technology offers additional benefits:

  • Bacteria don’t stand a chance thanks to silver ions
  • Reliably kills 99.9% of all germs & pathogens
  • The soft touch surface with the lotus effect is very easy to clean
  • No unpleasant odours


Colour: Light grey / black
Seat width (cm): 42
Seat depth (cm): 42
Seat height (cm): 44-59
Back height (cm): 37
Total width (cm): 53-54.5
Total height (cm): 81-96
Total length (cm): 50-52
Max. User weight including payload (kg): 130
Weight (kg): 4.58
Armrests W x L x H (cm): 3.5 x 27 x 19
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