TAYO Shower Stool/Chair Series


The new “TAYO” shower stool/chair features a modular design with functional components. All variants can be easily built thanks to the simple connector system, either with or without armrests, as a chair or a stool. The hygiene cutout can be moved forwards and backwards by repositioning the backrest. The chair can be fitted with a removable seat cushion and covers for the backrest openings on the seat that are not being used.


The minimalistic, tapered backrest offers more freedom of movement and gives the user better access to wash the shoulder and armpit area.

Side panels / armrests

The ergonomic shape of the armrests provides ample legroom and features soft rounded edges for increased comfort while seated.

Large rubber feet

The intelligent shape of the rubber feet, which point inwards to save space, creates compact external dimensions, while providing enhanced slip resistance.

Surface structure

The innovative soft touch surface structure (repels dirt and water) is easy to clean and offers a secure hold.

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